Government travel advisories for Mexico

Sitting around the dinner table with family and friends can bring up some lively conversations. Or better put, debates.

Recently I found myself at a dinner party hosted by my friend’s parents. At the dinner were people from varying backgrounds, ages, nationalities and political beliefs. One conversation led to another, and we eventually landed on one which couldn’t be passed over: Mexico, immigration and safety. We began with Trump’s infamous wall, moved on to immigration from Mexico to the United States and then finally concluded with whether or not it is safe to travel to Mexico.

This final topic really got me thinking: is it safe to travel to Mexico? I went there many times as a kid and absolutely loved it. The people were so kind, the weather was amazing and the country is absolutely stunning. As the conversation progressed throughout the party, the diverse group offered up very contrasting views and opinions, primarily based on things they had read and heard from the main stream media.

As I got home that night I was itching to do some of my own research to find out whether or not Mexico really was safe. I first began with a basic Google search and found a myriad of articles and opinions swaying to both sides. I then took a look at the government travel advisories for Mexico, and found that certain areas are much more dangerous than others. Areas such as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico City, Cancun and Playa del Carmen have the exact same travel advisory level as countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. That alone helped me put things into perspective.

After sifting through countless articles, blogs and forums I concluded that parts of Mexico are unsafe, just as are parts of the United States. But that the major tourist areas, such as Cancun, continue to be incredibly safe, are free off drug cartel violence and continue to see an increase in tourism each quarter despite main stream media’s negative reporting.

Tired from such a long evening of discussions and research, it got me thinking…maybe I need a relaxing vacation to Mexico!

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