Things to do in Mallorca

It may be a small island, but there are so many things to do in Mallorca that you may just have to come back a second time!

I recently visited with my family (wife and two kids) for a week and we absolutely fell in love with the island. We stayed in the town of Cala Mendia which is along the eastern coast of Mallorca. We of course enjoyed the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and spent plenty of time at the beach and pool. However, we are an active family and wanted to get out and see the best Mallorca had to offer.

A few of the things we enjoyed were the Drach Caves in Porto Cristo, Es Trenc beach in the area of Campos and the Palma Cathedral. However, there was one excursion we did which everyone fell in love with. It’s not always easy to travel as a family because the kids are always active, so as parents we want to ensure they are engaged and expanding their minds. And as parents, we also want some time to relax and enjoy time away from our daily routine in the UK.

We found the perfect combination at the Palma Aquarium. Now let me tell you, this place is spectacular! It is home to 55 tanks and over 700 species of marine life from all over the world. My wife and I were awestruck upon entering, and left with the exact same sensation. Now if my wife and I were awestruck, just imagine what our kids were like!

The Palma Aquarium is the perfect day trip for families because everyone will be truly engaged from start to finish. There are plenty of activities for children, while parents can marvel at the marine life while tranquilly passing through each tank. There are even areas with big chairs and areas to sit down so you can relax while enjoying the spectacle in front of you. The aquarium also boasts a wonderful garden area, places to eat and various exhibits such as the AquaDome where you can watch a 3D movie.

Now, with this said, we failed to explore the western part of the island where the Tramuntana mountains are. With so much to do and see in Mallorca we are already planning our second trip back to explore the rest of the magical Mediterranean paradise!

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